Deer Season is coming

Darling Deers is a collection of 2,222 adorable Darling Deers NFTs waiting to be adopted on the Terra blockchain.


Isn't the plural of deer supposed to be deer?

Sometimes, it's more fun to add a superfluous letter or two. Examples: shmear... erm, more examples to come.

What the heck is a parcel?

When Darling Deers—and all deer, actually—congregate in groups, many call it a herd. But, people also call it a bunch, a mob, a parcel or even a "rangale". No, thanks on that last one.

What is your vision for this project?

No Deer left behind (or unminted), and a community that has fun together while making the world a better place for many people.

Why mint on the Terra chain?

Because Deer eat grass... not gas. As in gas fees.

Our team has believed in Terra since pre-$1 LUNA. We're OG's, committed to growing the Terra ecosystem. We hodl Galactic Punks, Terra Whales, LunaBulls and MANY other OG Terra NFTs.

Wen can we adopt.

Starting Tues Feb 25, ~222 Deers will be released per day on Talis Protocol until the entire collection has been unveiled. $44 per Deer.

What can I do with my Darling Deer NFT?

Anything you want. If it's in your wallet, it's yours.

Only 2,222 Darling Deers ever...

With millions of minted possibilities. Some might be rare. All will be lovable.

Giving Back is the Roadmap

Terra NFT season (and beyond...) is a huge catalyst for change in the world

First 100: Tutoring / Meals — Tijuana, Mexico

The first 100 Deers sold will fund tutoring & meals for children growing up working in the poorest...areas of Tijuana, Mexico. Hundreds of families—multiple generations—survive by picking trash in the municipal dumps, with few opportunities to escape this life. We will fund a tutoring program to help school children catch up to grade level and continue on in their education.

101-200: Community Water Project — Kenya, Africa

The second 100 Deers adopted will fund the completion of water wells in Kenya. Every day in rural communities throughout sub-Saharan Africa, millions of people suffer from a lack of access to clean, safe water. For school-aged children it's a burden that traps them in poverty.

Children bear the burden of walking miles each day to find water in streams/ponds, full of water-borne disease making them sick. Illness and the time lost fetching it robs entire communities of their futures. The Darling Deers community can change that.